Ballast Water Management System


OceanGuard® BWMS is a high-tech marine product independently developed and produced by Headway, which is the first non-European brand to obtain DNV Type Approval in the world and the first BWMS owning CCS and DNV Type Approvals in the world; Meanwhile, Headway is the first BWMS manufacturer to win full -scale DNV. Most of the New building Shipyards in China & Korea include this system in their maker's list.

Treatment Process of OceanGuard® BWMS

Step 1 - Filtration
50 microns precision filtration; Automatic back flush and filtration at the same time;

Step 2 - Advanced Electro-catalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP)
Electro-catalysis in the EUT Unit produces OH radicals with perfect sterilization performance; The final products of reaction are CO₂, H₂O and traces of inorganic salt without any hazardous residuals – zero-p9ollution emissions.

Advantages of OceanGuard® BWMS

  • High Sterilization Efficienct; Complied to Highest Requirement
  • Single Way Treatment; suitable for all kinds of ballast water drainage system
  • Small Size, Skid Installation; makes the installation easy and flexible
  • Energy-saving; Low operations cost


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