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Papadakis Shipyards Brokers & CO S.A. (PSB & CO S.A.) officially represents Ship Yards and Ship Repairing companies located in strategic positions worldwide for DRY DOCKS AND REPAIRS.

Our Dry Docking and Repairs department, with more than twenty years of experience, is working hard in order to offer valuable assistance, quality services, successful negotiations (achievement of the optimal price and terms between principal and client) always trying to satisfy , protect our Clients' interests and also to meet the expectations of the Greek market.

Throughout the years the establishment of solid relationships with our Principals – Shipyards all over the world, has led major Shipping Companies to TRUST and COOPERATE with PSB & CO S.A.


Our Company is not operating as a ''Post Office'' just passing your e-mails to the Yard.

By being your representative, all our offices - Greece / Singapore / Hong Kong - will work hard for your vessel from the very beginning until the vessel completes the Dry Dock and Repairs and sails off.

Why is it wise to choose Papadakis Shipyards Brokers & CO S.A. and not going directly to the Yard?

 We Dry Dock and Repair more than 120 vessels every year, far more than the biggest Ship-Owner / Management Company. This number of Dry Docks and Repairs gives us the KNOWLEDGE, the EXPERIENCE and the POWER to negotiate and achieve the best outcome for your vessel. By being your representative / agent and/or technical consultant, we will demand and we will get from the Yard the following extra services at no cost to you:

  • To send on board your vessel the most experienced sub-contractors (especially in China where all Yards work with sub-contractors) for steel work / grid blasting / painters / engineers etc. so as to ensure that the quality of the work is the best that can be offered.
  • To get the best prices and time of completion for jobs and works which were not included in the initial specification and Yard had not quoted.
  • To keep the same productivity level for all extra works the owner may ask the Yard to do in addition to the initial specification.
  • To adjust the days of completion accordingly if vessel reduces the scope of work of the initial specification.
  • To allow the owner to use his specialists engineers if he finds Yard's charges to be high (excluding hot works), without any additional charges.
  • To allow the owner to deliver all his spare parts to the Yard, even before vessel arrives, at no extra cost to the owner – normally Yards are refusing to store any spares before vessel arrives and when the vessel is in the Yard, owner is requested to pay 30% surcharge on the spares as well as for the employment of owner's specialists.
  • To provide to the attending superintendent free transportation - to airport and to the Yard -, office with free internet access, local mobile telephone etc.
  • Longer payment terms.
  • In most cases we succeed to persuade the Yard to allow the owner to sign only the scope of works and the final invoice later on. It is a normal practice the Yards to demand the invoice to be signed before vessel sails, exercising a tremendous pressure on the attending superintendent or causing delays on the sail of the vessel.
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