Headway BWMS USCG TAC update-2 hrs hold time

Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. had her USCG approval updated on May 05, 2020, in which the holding time of 2 hours was approved by USCG. This update recognizes ‘Headway OceanGuard BWMS’ as the only one who can discharge water 2 hours after single disinfection, with the shortest holding time.

Headway is one of the pioneers to research, develop, manufacture and sell BWMS. She strictly complied with rules and regulations of USCG and IMO revised G8, during the whole process of land base and ship board tests for USCG TAC application. With this updated USCG TAC and the previously obtained new G8 approvals from major classification societies and flags like ABS,BV,CCS,DNV GL,LR, Headway BWMS shows the ability to be operated in every port of the world, without concern of compliance.

The updated USCG approval matches the BWMS which was initially USCG approved in 2018, and this makes the 2 hours holding time valid immediately. There is no any amendment required in this regard, so it can save time and expense for shipowners and operators. Operator of the vessel can just ignore the impact from Headway BWMS, thanks to her single treatment, salinity as lower as 0.85 PSU and holding time of 2 hours.

Headway believes even a good product also need to constantly enhance the research and improve technology, in order to meet demands from the changing market, and expectation from authorities and clients. As a professional and intelligent supplier of advanced marine equipment, Headway has been always upholding the spirit of enterprise as “service, innovation and win-win”. The recognized 2 hours holding time, will significantly help Headway to provide better products, more satisfied service and comprehensive solutions to clients.

Headway BWMS USCG TAC update-2 hrs hold time

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