OceanGuard® BWMS Finished 2-Hour Holding Time Test for USCG

Recently, Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. finished the additional tests for 2-hour holding time for USCG type approval under the supervision of DNV GL. All tests were done in 100%-130% rated capacity of OceanGuard® BWMS. With the completion of those tests, OceanGuard® BWMS now offers the shortest holding time in the market.

According to Headway’s BWMS approval project team, all pipelines are required to be cleaned between ballast and de-ballast operation, and 2 hours reached to the ceiling of the shortest interval. Furthermore, Headway mentioned that some ship operator has been asking if the “Not Applicable ” holding time means “no limitation”, it is recommended to confirm with USCG to avoid unnecessary trouble during PSC inspection.

 Since there was no change of BWMS during additional tests, all delivered OceanGuard® BWMS will be able to achieve 2-hour holding time in fresh, brackish and marine water without any modification to the system.

Papadakis Group of Companies introduces POT DeSOₓ System

First Presentation of Shandong Pure Ocean Technology (POT) during Posidonia Exhibition 2018 that took place in Greece on June 2018.
Mr. Gregory Papadakis, Managing Director of PSB & CO. S.A., Mr. Wang Xiaojung, owner of POT, Mr. David Wang, Boardchairman of POT and Mr. D.B. Wang, Deputy General Manager of POT are interviewed by Mr. Kantzios Markos of maritimes.gr
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Shipping & Finance Newspaper Interview

While the shipping world is in anguish regarding the DeSOx scrubber systems and their impact on the whole shipping industry, Mr. Gregory Papadakis, always ahead of the events, shares his expertise and valued opinion for this new thorn on mandatory vessel eco-friendly installation systems, germinated next to the one of BWMS.

Shipping And Finance Maritime Newspaper, in September’s 2018 issue, held a very interesting interview of Mr. Gregoy Papadakis, that solved many previously unanswered topics and enlightened the darkest details of the oil sulfur cap regulations, charter’s intentions, scrubber U-type and I-type solutions, Fuel Refineries’ true capabilities on demand and most important financial viability and attenuation time to install a marine scrubber system.

Posidonia 2018

4-8 June 2019