Oil & Water Management System

Our Company PSB & CO. S.A. is the exclusive Greek representative of the innovative marvel Chinese company Zhouyi Intelligent Shipping Science and Technology Ltd, regarding the Oil & Water Management System. Subject system is built by the Internet of Things, big data blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. It provides “real-time, online, digital and visual” ship intelligent monitoring and management technical support and big data services for ship operators, owners, and managers. It consists the core of ship safety management, pollution prevention management, operating cost management, energy consumption and carbon emission management.

The Oil & Water Management System collects real-time stock data of Oil and water tank by high precision liquid level/temperature sensor installed in Oil and water tank. Real-time “navigation instruments, main electrical and mechanical equipment, operating conditions” data of the original ship were collected through communication protocols. After the above data is processed by the invention patent algorithm of this system, it can generate various data packets and data links for intelligent monitoring and management of “real-time, online, digital and visual” ships.